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Papa Kalapa...  “Kalapa” is a word in the Indonesian language which means ‘coconut’.  That makes me the ‘Papa Coconut’ or, as I prefer to think, the ‘King of the Coconuts’ and…  I come from a coconut hut…

perched beneath an imaginary coconut palm tree…

on the imaginary beach of an imaginary island floating in the imaginary sea…

of an imaginary planet… spinning through an imaginary universe of imaginary stars. 


Few, but children, practice the fine art of imagination more than I.  In reality, however, I am Brian Burgess and father to two young boys (ages six and eight).  I’ve been performing original music professionally for approximately 18 years and, since the birth of my first son (eight years ago), I’ve channeled a lot of that energy into composing songs for children.  Naturally, this has led to the profession of performing for groups of children. 


All my life, beginning with a fortunate childhood, I have been an avid traveler and a “culture collector”.  Always, I’ve been drawn to the mysterious… the unknown… the wonder of cultures and, I’ve found, the more different the people and customs from my own… the more fascinating I find them.  As a result, I’ve amassed a collection of anecdotes (travel stories), artwork, and most exciting (to me)… MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS from around the globe. 


In the past five years, I’ve performed at the majority of (Tallahassee)Leon County’s public schools in classrooms consisting of children mostly in the 3 to 5-year-old age range.  These groups have ranged in size from 5 students to 50 students.  Of these, most have responded positively to my interactive and entertaining method of using song and music to stimulate and educate their opening minds.


Since a recent relocation to the Orlando area of central Florida, I have expanded my experience into working with children up through ages in the Fourth Grade and into work that has placed me with mentally-disabled adults.  In addition, I have purchased and added equipment to my repertoire which allows me to loop phrases of song and allow volunteers from the audience to participate in the actual (song-writing) creation of a song.  The process allows me to break down the layers of song in an effort to demonstrate the process of (and encourage the participation in) using imagination to create music and verse from nothing.  Please offer me the opportunity to share the ‘gift of song’, a cultural fascination, and my experience with the population in your care.   I truly believe that it will be a benefit to all (including teachers, parents, and caregivers) and that each of us will take something memorable from the experience.


Light & Harmony,

Brian “Papa Kalapa” Burgess

407-802-2228 =office (Earth Harmony, Inc.)  /  850-766-6638 =cell

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